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Why Robotics

why robotics

Children today are the recipients of a great deal of information and "knowledge" that they are called upon to learn and assimilate. What do they do with this knowledge? Unfortunately, they seldom have the opportunity to use them somewhere practical, or even to see them applied in practice, while they almost never have the joy and satisfaction of seeing them "come to life" in a creation or construction of their own. Thus, they will either become theorists of science, technology and its tools ("parroting" the lessons) or they will simply "reject" them all as "useless knowledge".

In conclusion, our children reject science not out of a lack of skills but simply out of a lack of interest that comes from the fact that they are ultimately not interested in understanding something they cannot feel with their own hands.

At CityLab we know very well that Educational Robotics solves this problem completely and happily, as long as it is taught correctly - otherwise it just exacerbates it and in some cases makes it worse!

Why Robotics in CityLab?

Children at CityLab do not go anywhere to learn how to "make robots" but participate in experiential interdisciplinary workshops, experiencing active and in-depth learning through continuous experimentation and personal / scientific improvement.

With specially developed, innovative and applied technologies, they develop their cognitive and social skills with a vehicle Robotics.

In addition, "without realizing it", they work with the best practices of the "big ones": communication, research, strategic and analytical thinking, time management, taking on roles, allocating work and resources, socializing, exchanging ideas, goals, evaluation, project presentation , self confidence.

All our children actively participate in each of the scientific fields of STEM and with their special abilities they discover science!

What is [Educational] Robotics?

Robotics is the science and technology of Robots and includes their design, construction and applications. In an interdisciplinary field of Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists, the design, construction and implementation of Robots and the relevant computer systems for their control and for the processing of their information take place.

A robot is a construction that can perform scheduled tasks but unlike simple machines, it follows the method: I feel (with sensors), I think (with software), I act (with mechanical parts).

Educational Robotics is a modern collaborative learning environment, in which participants are motivated to design and build creations that have characteristics similar to humans or animals, in activities that make sense to them.

The Robot is the ideal creation and construction for the development and evolution of practical, didactic, cognitive and applied skills by its creators / users.


We invite you to include the children in the CityLab workshops. With our method, children develop cognitive and social skills, with the vehicle and goal of Robotics. You will be impressed when you see how many different and original methods children will be able to solve any problem they have to deal with (and we are not talking only about technical / cognitive issues).

In the process, in addition to the cognitive part, the collaborative skills are strengthened. The children collaborate in groups (and not in groups), document, improve and present their work to the public.

Learning in CityLab is embedded through everyday problems and applications, so that children can be inspired and experiment freely in areas and topics that have meaning and interest in them.

You will find them from the first Labs, when you will see your children present their creations to you with enthusiasm and in a structured way!

Then you will fully understand why educational robotics is at the heart of many educational programs internationally.

It is no coincidence that structured courses in institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University (Robotics Academy), NASA (Robotics Education Projects), MIT (MediaLab) are constantly evolving (even today) with new content.

Such institutions and methodologies are a model for us and part of what we follow at CityLab for our own programs and workshops.

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