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We invite you to sign up for Cisco Academy's OnLine Python lab at CityLab.

Python is an extremely flexible, object-oriented programming language, and is increasingly "preferred" for use in security systems, networking, Internet of Things and other business environments, but also for learning programming when entering Computer Science.
In our workshops, each student proceeds at their own pace to OnLine classes from the Cisco Academy site, with passwords they will receive from CityLab. There are six modules, with a suggested duration of 70 hours, with topics ranging from programming principles to language syntax, and from object oriented programming techniques to business programming.

The workshop is aimed at both students (age 12+) and adults. 

Upon successful completion of the workshop, the completion certificate is issued by the Cisco Academy.

In addition, for IT professionals, this lab is aligned and is the preparation for obtaining the Professional Certificate PCAP – Python Certified Associate Programmer Certification, after an additional professional certification exam process .

At CityLab, in addition to the OnLine monitoring, the registered students of our laboratory have direct access to the responsible professor of the laboratory, for questions and any support (programming, algorithmic, or procedural) they need, by personal meeting or by email at

It is pointed out that the duration of the workshop is until July 31, 2021, the pace of each student is independent of the other students and that there is no time or other limit beyond the expiration date.

The cost for the OnLine laboratory is € 150.

There is a 10% discount for the parents of our students and for our students.

Contact us at or at 2 110 130 140 for details.

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