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Since August 2014, we work with reputable companies, organizations, agencies and municipalities that address children directly or indirectly, either through their services and products, or through targeted research programs. Our cooperation is with technology and science companies, research centers, publishing houses, public bodies and productive and commercial companies - in every cooperation we remain steadfast in our goals.

We list some of our collaborations

300 OpenSchools
MUNICIPALITY OF ATHENS: In the program Open Schools of the Municipality of Athens (founding donor Stavros Niarchos Foundation), organization, design and conduct of Engineering and Robotics Workshops for children 5 - 12 years old, in schools of the Municipality of Athens.

300 thopaa

MUNICIPALITY OF ALIMOS: Robotics laboratories for the children of the Municipality of Alimos. Robotics Festival, Competition, Summer Camp.

300 logo patakis
PATAKI PUBLICATIONS: Joint events with presentation of books by the authors and Robotics Laboratories on a relevant topic (continuously from 2014 until today). Authors who have visited us and presented their books are (chronologically) Litsa Psarafti, Vangelis Iliopoulos, Filippos Mandilaras, Maro Papagianni, Eleni Dikaiou, Ioanna Favvata.


ATHENA RESEARCH CENTER: Joint events in Science and Technology activities such as "The Researcher's Night" (Robotics for children) and the Athens Science Festival (Robotics, Energy and Artificial Intelligence). Periodic talks and discussions by the center's researchers, CityLab students on the topic of information circulation on the Internet (good practices, evaluation), search engines and speech comprehension, and more.

300 evripidis

EVRIPIDIS BOOKSTORE: Open Days and weekly Engineering and Robotics workshops for children.

300 Public

PUBLIC: Organization of Engineering and Robotics Laboratories for children 5 - 12 years old.

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